MMC 6936: Academic Writing - University of Florida (2023)

Course Description

MMC 6936 is designed to provide graduate students with practical knowledge and skills in various academic writing formats, with the aim of improving their abilities to write for publication and achieve career goals. It is a hands-on, interactive course that focuses on helping students succeed in the academic writing process.

The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to various academic writing formats and assist them in developing the skills and confidence necessary to produce clear, concise, and effective academic writing. To this end, the class will provide students with the knowledge, resources, and tools they need to succeed in academic writing.

The course will focus on three types of academic writing products: 1) research writing, 2) other publication writing, and 3) career/professional development materials, including but not limited to social science research papers, extended abstracts, conference presentations, letters to journal editors, responses to reviewers, personal statements, CVs, cover letters, and IRB protocols.

Due to the interactive and personalized nature of this seminar, assignments and class materials may be tailored to the individual backgrounds, interests, and career goals of each student. As such, the syllabus is subject to modification in order to maximize its relevance to the specific student cohort.